Williston Logo and Rzero Hospital Grade UV-C Lighting Hospital Grade Disinfection System

UV-C Disinfection Technology

In the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, skilled nursing facilities across the country have been hard at work implementing innovative new ways to help keep their residents safer from infectious diseases. As part of bolstering their cleaning procedures and upgrading their facility to promote safety, Williston Healthcare & Rehabilitation in Williston, South Carolina, has purchased a new Hospital Grade UV disinfection system from R-Zero.

UV-C is a special wavelength of ultraviolet light that destroys or inactivates bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold without harsh chemicals. UV-C disinfection has been used in waste processing facilities and air conditioner units for decades and has become the gold standard to disinfect hospitals in recent years. R-Zero is a biosafety company working to make the same UV-C disinfection technology used by hospitals, accessible to smaller healthcare units such as Skilled Nursing Facilities. The R-Zero Arc is a mobile hospital-grade UV unit that can be easily moved around the facility to kill airborne and surface pathogens. Arc is proven to destroy 99.99% of pathogens (including those that cause Human Coronavirus) in just 7 minutes.

Williston Healthcare & Rehabilitation is proud to begin implementing this new advanced infection prevention measure in 2021 as part of many innovations to promote their long-term care residents’ health and safety.

For more information on R-Zero and their UV-C technology, please visit rzero.com.