Finding the Right Nursing Home

Choosing a Nursing Home

Choosing the right Skilled Nursing Facility or Nursing Home for your loved one can be an emotional process. Location and accessibility are essential, so family members and friends can visit often. Visiting several Nursing Homes before making your choice should be a key part of your decision-making.

The five-star rating is important but should not be used solely in decision-making. Often a nursing home’s rating can be reduced for paperwork issues but is not a reflection of the quality of care provided at the facilities. When visiting facilities, the following can assist with the decision process: Talk with the staff, and look at the residents. Ask the following questions; Do they look well taken of? Do they seem content and happy?

Finding the ‘RIGHT” home can be a blessing, knowing your loved one is being cared for well. The hope is that they will maintain their sense of independence by feeling they belong.
Become involved with their daily lifestyle and a part of adapting to a new environment. Bring items from home that make their new living arrangements feel familiar and comfortable. The comfort in knowing you have chosen the best Nursing Home for your family member will bring you great peace of mind.

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