Senior in outpatient therapy with Therapist at Williston Healthcare & Rehabilitation LLC

Outpatient Therapy | South Carolina

Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy

At Williston Healthcare & Rehabilitation we understand that every patient has their own unique needs for treatment. That’s why we offer Barnwell County South Carolina’s only Outpatient Rehabilitation service to help you recover and restore your quality of life your way. Ask your doctor if outpatient therapy will help you reach your goals on your road to recovery.
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What is Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy?

Depending on the nature and extent of an illness, surgery, or accident, a doctor will sometimes clear a patient to return home but recommend that they receive physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy at an outpatient rehab center.

Key Benefits of Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy

  • The Comfort of Staying at Home During the Course of Treatment
  • Sense of Independence by traveling to Therapy Center
  • Continuity of Care after Inpatient Treatment

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