Happy Holidays

Holiday FAQ – 2021

Is your facility currently accepting visitors for the holidays?
Yes, Williston Healthcare & Rehabilitation is accepting visitors for the holidays within our current health and safety regulations.

Are you accepting gifts from families and the community?
Yes, we do accept gifts from families and the community for our long-term care and short-term care residents. For inquiries about needed items, please give us a contact us.

Do you accept home-baked goods?
Yes, we will accept home-baked goods.

Do you allow holiday mail from families | the community? If so, who should it be addressed to?
We do accept holiday mail. Please address directly to the resident. If you would like to drop off generic cards, we will be glad to deliver them to our residents.

Cards should be mailed to:

5721 Springfield Rd.
Williston, SC 29853

Are there any community volunteer opportunities for your facility?
Not at this time, but if you are interested, please give us a call! (803) 266-3229

What do you have planned for a holiday party?
We are not offering a family attendance holiday party this year, however, Santa will be making a surprise visit on the 17th, Christmas Caroling outside Community Church on the 9th, and JDA on the 15th.

We wish our community friends and family members a wonderful Christmas and a Joyous and Safe New Year!