Rehabilitation Success

Celebrate Success in Health Rehabilitation at Williston Healthcare & Rehabilitation

At Williston Healthcare and Rehabilitation, we have a board-certified staff with a combined total of over 40 years of clinical experience. Along with Encore Rehabilitation, our inpatient/outpatient therapy staffing partner, we pride ourselves on providing excellent therapy services to our residents and our surrounding community with outpatient services.

Encore Rehabilitation strives to provide exceptional care and measurable outcomes to improve quality of life. When being treated in a facility that partners with Encore Rehab, therapists have access to take documentation and turn that information into graphs and charts to show clinical outcomes. The patients can work one on one with therapists to create achievable goals and not just see the progress in their quality of life but can see the growth in their clinical outcome report.

Quarterly, therapists choose patients who have shown excellent progress towards goals and create a success story to celebrate reaching their goals and discharge from therapy services. Clinical outcomes are just another piece of the pie when it comes to successfully creating and carrying out a therapy program that is tailored to each patient’s needs.

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