Seniors Activities

Life Enrichment at Williston

Activities are vital for the residents at Williston Healthcare and Rehabilitation. Social interaction is the key to the sustainability and longevity of our long-term care residents. It is important to allow residents to express themselves through creativity and conversations. Activities and social engagement reduce stress and anxiety while improving overall health.

At Williston, we keep our residents motivated by moving to the beat of music, playing social games such as bingo, and having social gatherings. The staff and family members enjoy the smiles on the resident’s faces and the anticipation of what they will be doing next.

Williston focuses on providing activities that will keep their minds stimulated and their bodies moving through board games and exercise. These activities allow residents to learn or continue using the skills they had in their younger years. Activities play a major role in our residents’ happiness and staff members who sometimes participate in the fun.

February is the month of love, so our halls were decorated with heart-shaped items. The residents had a fun time decorating Valentine’s Tree. Our local schools and community youth made Valentine’s Day cards and goody bags for each resident. In addition to the February activities, we also had our volunteers that provided church service and music to those residents who wished to attend. Each month our community rises to the occasion and assists with making our residents happy.