Fall Revival at Williston Nursing Home

A Quarantined Fall Revival

October opens with orange, brown, and red leaves as the Fall season sets in. Here, at Williston Healthcare & Rehabilitation, our long-term care residents enjoy religious events our volunteers and residents decided to come up with a 3-day fall revival. The theme of the revival is “Revive our Facility Again.” The revival will be held Tuesday through Thursday and will help our residents recharge their spirits after more than a year of the pandemic. It will feature singing songs of praise, prayer, and scripture verses read by our resident council president. We will rejoice and make a joyful noise to celebrate our facility for being COVID-free and our resident’s continued happiness and spiritual wellbeing as they live their lives their way!

For more about our facility, our culture, or to schedule an appointment to speak with someone at the facility, contact us today! Please visit our COVID-19 Page for more information about our facility’s efforts during the pandemic.