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Business Office at Williston

We’re here to help our Residents!

How the Business Office Manager Helps New Nursing Facility Residents

The business office at Williston Healthcare and Rehabilitation plays a considerable role in our building. Our friendly and helpful team assists new long-term care residents with everything from reviewing financial information for admissions, assisting with Medicaid applications, and handling resident trust accounts.

The involvement for the Medicaid process requires a five-year past review of all resources to include income and property. For, Medicare we must verify their eligibility to make sure they do not have a Medicare advantage plan that asks for pre­-authorization.

If your insurance needs pre-authorization, we need to obtain clinical documentation and submit it to the insurance for approval review. Our staff will work with your family to gather documentation and meet the financial needs of your loved ones.

The business office goes above and beyond to meet the requirements of the facility and the needs of the residents as well as their families.

If you have questions about insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, skilled nursing facility information for South Carolina or need a review of a financial situation, please contact us today and we will be there to help!