New Years Day Senior Living Dietary Plan

Beginning a New Year with An Old Fashion Flare

Despite 2020 being filled with various challenges for everyone, our facility made it through to 2021, with love and light! The dietary staff celebrated the New Year with all the traditional Southern delicacies as requested by our residents. When our residents ask, we deliver. Our menu consisted of: spareribs basted with Carolina mustard-based barbeque sauce, black-eyed peas, collard greens, a cornbread square, and finished with moist strawberry shortcake.

Pork symbolizes wealth and prosperity because of pork’s rich and fatty nature. Black-eyed peas represent good luck. During the Civil War era, black-eyed peas were planted and used to feed grazing cattle. Many people were cut off from food supplies and close to starvation and resorted to eating the crops previously reserved for feeding livestock. Whether that’s luck or Southern ingenuity, we don’t know. Leafy greens resemble folded paper money, and cornbread symbolizes gold.

Our residents enjoy reminiscing about the past. The Williston Healthcare & Rehabilitation dietary staff is happy to prepare meals that connect our residents with past and future fond memories. Happy New Year to all!

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