Children Trick or Treat at Nursing Homes in the People Sentinel in the November 6, 2019 Article

Halloween at Williston Healthcare & Rehabilitation

This letter is in reference to the Kelly Edwards Elementary Children’s visit to the residents of Williston Healthcare and Rehab for Halloween. For the past few months, my husband and I have been going to this facility for Physical Therapy. The staff has been wonderful to us. We are blessed that we do not have to drive out of this county for this service. On the day of one of our appointments, I saw the excitement of the residents and staff as they awaited the arrival of the bus with the students. I saw the faces of the children as they spoke with different residents. I do not know who has the biggest smiles - the children, the residents or the staff.

I know I quite often take my life for granted, but what can happen if we take a little time to visit someone that may be a shut-in. It was like someone waiting for a child to wake up on Christmas morning. The place had so much life and energy that day.

I want to thank so many people that helped to let this happen. The school and the teachers for going out of their way. The children for just being children. The Residents for talking with the young ones and most of all, the staff at the facility for letting this be intertwined in their daily routine. Being old may not be easy. Taking care of the elderly may not be easy. For me, it would be hard. But on that day, the children put life in the faces of so many.

This letter was written by Cheryl Azouri Long and was published in a “Letter to the Editor” in the November 6, 2019 edition of The People Sentinel, a Barnwell County weekly newspaper. The People Sentinel posted all of the pictures from the day onto their Facebook page. Photo Credits go to The People Sentinel 2019.